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This was my first time as a One Show Entertainment judge. And in many ways, it was a lot like the other two One Shows I’ve judged. Infrequent bathroom breaks. Regular buffering issues. Peanut M&Ms. But there were also differences.

It’s still a who’s who of talent scoring the work. It’s just not who I’m accustomed to seeing in these dimly-lit rooms, starting with our judging chair, Damian Kulash, a creative who doesn’t come from Wieden, Fallon or CP+B, but the band OK Go, where he created one of the most interesting branded experiences in recent history with his Chevy collaboration. The other judges, surprisingly few of whom displayed the trademark advertising facial hair and trendy glasses, also seemed to have a less industry-centric view of the world. They were as interested in pop culture, store design and show development as they were with ads. There’s something refreshing about folks who probably don’t care much about winning a One Show Pencil determining who gets one.

As far as the work goes, let’s start with what I was expecting, which was a bunch of really long short films. Granted, I’m a bit of a snob in this area. But it’s only because I’ve lived through decades of hell trying to get features made and distributed, that I have a certain amount of disdain for friends asking me to share their short “film” about a product made by real people with real hands.

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