Pepper Spray and Depends: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

Here is the latest Crandall family holiday card installment in a tradition that started 19 years ago.

And here is the backup. By the way, those are Depends™ we’re rocking even though they look like my grandmother’s panties. Not that I’ve, you know, seen my grandmother’s panties.

Which card do you prefer?

3 thoughts on “Pepper Spray and Depends: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

  1. Attn: Court Crandall

    This message is in response to a statement Mr. Crandall posed about Taxi service for Children so they are not embarrassed with being picked up in the family wagon if they have been drinking.

    (Question and Mr. Crandall’s Response) What is one business idea you’re willing to give away to our readers?

    Like most parents with teenagers, I’ve told my sons that if they, or someone they’re with, has been drinking, to give me a call, and I’ll pick them up no questions asked. While they nod along every time I make this pledge, my fear is that they won’t actually call me when the time arises. So I came up with an idea to create prepaid taxi debit cards. The way it would work, is that parents put a hundred dollars or so on the card for their son or daughter, who now has the ability to get a ride home anytime, anywhere without the embarrassment of mom and dad showing up in the family wagon. It seemed like a win-win for both parents and taxi companies. Unfortunately, I contacted MADD and they said they couldn’t advocate drinking in any way and the local cab companies were leery of my motives. If one of your readers can bring it to life, there’s probably a way for them to make a profit and save some families a lot of unnecessary tragedy. I’d like that.

    (My Response)

    Mr. Court Crandall – You said so yourself, you have to be able to adapt to your market. Although it would be fantastic to guarantee this will reach the homes of kids and their families I believe it should start in colleges and universities. You have already tapped the industry of college students so why not hit the collegiate demographic? Being a recent graduate from the University of Delaware I have both witnessed and heard of many stories from friends of people that have been injured or even killed. Most of the time it is not secluded to one gender but to both because of their egos wanting to stay strong. If you promote this in the proper manner it will be something that collegiate parents will want to purchase to know their kids will always have a safe ride.
    The one thing that we cannot dispute is that our parents can relate to the bar scene and athletic functions on campus even if they did not attend college. With that being said one of the avenues for marketing this product would be through commercials during college football and basketball seasons on the major networks that they work with. Schools have shown that more people are continuing to go to college and the freshman class sizes of many colleges and universities are growing which, in return are increasing the number of newly twenty one year olds.
    With your initial proposed idea I would suggest you focus on the collegiate demographic first. I believe it will be a success and ease many parents across the country knowing that their son or daughter does not have to get behind the wheel to arrive [home] safely. I believe after a successful campaign, MADD will see the benefits and there can actually be a partnership with MADD and [the company]. Parents already worry to death for their kids whether it is 1-1000+miles away. Whether it is University of Delaware or the schools that either you yourself went to or your family has gone to, a Division 1 – to however many there continuously are. The best part is that you can give it access to parents all over the country, the continent, the hemisphere, the globe, and the universe, all while uniting all for one life saving cause. I strongly believe that after further research we will be able to strongly link a tri-fecta of business partnerships between MADD + Families, Universities + Television networks (ESPN), Credit Card Company + WDCW. It is the creativity and perseverance that is really going to sell the idea and implement it strategically.
    The idea of using a pre-paid taxi card will be beneficial to you as the advertiser and to parents and children across the country. There are companies such as TAXI-Tag and GO-Tag that already have Pre-paid Debit Cards, however there is no specific target market focus. By using the research that has already been accomplished by these companies we can only boost the energy that families will have knowing there kids will always have a safe ride if need be.
    With this being said, if there is any opportunity to pass this on to Mr. Court Crandall in response to his article response in I will greatly appreciate it.
    Mr. Crandall, if you do receive this, I would like an opportunity to “pick at your mind” so to say and really see how your creativeness has made you successful. As of two weeks ago I moved out to the L.A. (Have never even been to Cali) area on a whim that I want to start a career in advertisement and marketing. My creative experiences through out the country continue to drive me to be successful in whichever way that may be. If there is an opportunity to meet with you in the near future I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,

    K. Jordan Ottinger

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