Marketing To Half Naked People

I’ve been in a lot of department store dressing rooms in my life. I’ve crawled under the doors. I’ve stuck the pins that were supposed to be put in the pin cushion into my finger. I’ve tried on underwear and subsequently decided to put it back in the package because it didn’t fit right. Hey, this blog is supposed to be about truth, right?

During those literally hundreds of visits though, I can safely say I never saw anything that differentiated one dressing room from another. Until last week, when I noticed these ingenious little plaques behind the clothes hooks in the T.J. Maxx dressing room.

Possibly / Definitely

Are they going to change marketing forever? No. But in an age where retailers are placing more emphasis than ever on in-store experiences and staff are trained to respond to every tweet, what a nice little touch to demonstrate that the folks at T.J. Maxx are trying to help their shoppers.

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