It’s time for Positivity.

The world has changed. You hear people in advertising say that a lot. Typically, this proclamation is followed by some diatribe about how social conversations are key to a brand’s success or how real-time analytics are essential for the modern brand. But I believe our world has changed on a more fundamental level than whether Twitter is more “sticky” than cable.

I believe our world used to be about possibility. No dream was too big, no goal too great, no premise too outlandish. But over time, the world changed. “What if?” went from being about possibility to being about risk management. Everyone from lawyers to marketing directors to agency owners started to wonder, “What if the worst case scenario happens?”

And then, they went about protecting themselves.

By copying rather than creating. By saying “yes,” when they desperately wanted to exclaim, “No!” By trying to be something to everyone, rather than everything to someone.

Well, whether it was the twenty years I spent running an agency or all the hour-long discussions I had with marketing director friends about the dysfunction of the system, I decided there had to be a better model. And so, Positivity was born. A place that celebrates the possibilities this world offers and gives a select few brands and studios the opportunity to create work that is compelling and fulfilling on a human level. Stuff that makes people think, feel and buy.

Positivity is designed to have a profound impact on brands without all the usual trappings of a typical client-agency relationship. With Positivity, brands pay for talent and thought leadership rather than overhead and staff who may or may not be the best fit for the immediate task at hand. Spearheaded by myself and my experience building numerous brands, writing movies, TV shows and branded content, we employ a combination of elite talent on a project-by-project basis, according to what each job requires.

In the two years since its launch, Positivity has been directly credited with massive sales, share and velocity gains as proven by Simmons data, Nielsen data and the Effie Awards.

The world has changed. And if you’re someone who’s more taken with potential than precaution, there are a whole lot of possibilities out there. Let’s go seize a few.