Helping Students Net Money for College

It started out as a personal project that became an agency project that became a shared mission. We raised $75,000 in scholarship money and just as importantly, gave a group of kids, teachers and parents the chance to show there’s a lot more to people from Compton than you’ll ever learn in a rap song.

In two weeks, I filled my heart with some of the best stories of my life. I’d tell you all about them, but, heck, I have to save something for the movie.

So, in the meantime, I’ll let someone else do the talking …

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2 thoughts on “Helping Students Net Money for College

  1. I just read that that young man that won donated his winnings to the others in the contest. That is an amazing young man, and I hope some day to be able to meet him. It might be something to sit down and have dinner with a man like that.

  2. Congratulations! What a wonderful idea….How awesome for it to even be more wonderful and taken one step further by the free throw winner…!!!
    You were able to show how great people can be…I hope this story gets HUGE press coverage….
    Thanks for being an inspiration.

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