Delivering positively stunning results.

There aren’t a lot of posts designed to build the Positivity brand. This isn’t so much a conscious effort, as it is the natural consequence of a business model which only has room for three clients (Two advertising, one entertainment). That said, aided by the efforts and partnership of a lot of other smart people, Positivity has helped Oberto Beef Jerky achieve some pretty remarkable business results in the last three years.

Let’s start with the results.

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Since the advertising campaign’s inception at the start of 2014, Oberto Beef Jerky has seen dramatic increases in market share as well as velocity.

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Over the past twelve months, share has grown 40% across all channels and 67% in convenience and supermarket, where the majority of the product is sold.

Here are a few of the things that helped get us there.

1. Creation of a tagline with nutritional, inspirational and philanthropic extensions.






2. Introduction of a brand campaign built around an iconic character called, “The Little Voice In Your Stomach,” whose job is to deliver sound snacking advice and convey the merits of a protein-rich diet centered around All Natural Oberto Beef Jerky.

3. Traditional media, digital media, social media and PR working in a symbiotic fashion, where each not only compliments, but fuels the other.

Gronk & Sherm Talk About Stuff While Eating Jerky: The original digital series that inspired a special on ESPN, dozens of articles and was tweeted out by the NFL themselves.


Great White: Launched at the start of Shark Week, this video notched nearly half-a-million views, was picked up by and tweeted about by a number of celebrities.

Gronk Brackets: Like other props featured in our marketing, the actual brackets used in our commercial that ran during the Final Four were signed by Rob Gronkowski and given away on our social media channels.

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Jerky Jam: To help bolster retail sales in the New England area, we had Rob Gronkowski lead a dance class and introduce his new touchdown dance, The Jerky Jam. The event was covered by every major local and national sports media outlet.

4. Carefully chosen and managed relationships with celebrity partners who embody the brand, have strong social media followings and embrace the out-of-the-box creative approach we take to content.

5. Constant communication between agency, marketing department, senior leadership and sales.

This probably seems like common sense, but the fact is, at most companies, fiefdoms typically trump inclusion and a mutual understanding of the business goals and realities. At Oberto, the contact between team members is hourly rather than weekly and a culture has been established where everyone from the head of grocery sales to the CEO share their needs and insights. As a result, things get done more quickly and with greater efficiency than is normally the case.

This concludes Positivity’s self-promotion for 2016. And probably, most of 2017.