Sign Of the Times?


About six months ago, I became intrigued with a group of people in our industry I had never thought much about— sign spinners. So one day on my morning commute, I decided to pull over and talk with one of them. Which inspired me to talk to another twenty. Which inspired me to get out on the street and try it myself. Which resulted in the article below that ran in the Los Angeles Business Journal last weekend. I hope you enjoy it.

Proof that Court took to the streets: the documented experience.

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Imagine frozen Koolaid with a crunchy idea center.

Here is my recent Ideasicle podcast with Will Burns. What I liked about the experience and the final product, was that it felt a lot more like a discussion than an interview. I don’t know about my answers, but Will’s questions were certainly interesting and provocative.  I hope you find it somewhat informative and, above all, motivating as you work on your own creative endeavors.