Bad Design, A Modern Epidemic: A.K.A. Screw You, Ashton Kutcher

Like any good creative person, somewhere in my early twenties, I read “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. As most of you probably know, the novel’s protagonist, Howard Roark, believes that all architecture and design should flow naturally from an object’s central purpose. In other words, form follows function.

Unfortunately, this discipline seems to have been completely lost in the modern world, where most products are designed first and foremost to look cool rather than to actually serve a purpose. There are lots of people I could blame for this. I chose Ashton Kutcher. No, not for his crap movies, but because the same stupidity that turned his mesh trucker cap into a mandatory fashion accessory has now influenced almost everything we touch. There doesn’t have to be logic, practicality or taste applied to a product so long as it plays to the vanity of some empty notion of hip.

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