Breakthrough Creative Now Requires You to Break Things

There was a time when breakthrough creative really had nothing to do with “breaking through.” Rather, it was about being funny, emotional or dramatic within very rigid constructs, whether those be thirty seconds of airtime, a magazine spread or a bulletin billboard. Obviously, digital and mobile have changed all of this and most of the really big creative ideas now start with, “Is it possible to … ” So that now, creativity is less about working within an established space and more about altering the medium through the use of new technology or new ways to use existing technology.

Here are a few examples of things we’ve recently created at WONGDOODY. In each case, you’ll see that somewhere during the process, we had to go a little Christopher Columbus and explore previously unchartered waters.

The first, is an application we created to promote the TBS animated comedy, “Neighbors From Hell.” It’s called Phone Call From Satan and basically, it allows you to enter your friend’s information online and select from a series of potential offenses that range from, “Putting ho’s before bros” to “Telling your mama’s fat jokes when your friend’s mother is in fact overweight.” Then, you punch in your buddy’s phone number and Satan himself dials him or her to relay the message.

In case you were wondering what the Satan hotline looks like. It’s actually rather dated.

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